Getting a Business Critical App to Fire on All Cylinders

iOS Application Design

With more than 2 million customers in over 50 states to support, Propane giant, AmeriGas, reached out to 2120 Creative when they needed a user experience re-design for their business critical Cylinder application.

The Plan

The Cylinder application is used by every Amerigas delivery driver. Their average delivery drivers are a middle aged worker comfortable in traditional methods of pumping and delivering propane but generally reluctant to adopt new ways of distributing propane using technology. The app centered around providing truck GPS tracking, driving directions and route optimization tools, cylinder inventory management, cylinder exchange and receipt, and management of federal safety regulations. In a nutshell, the application facilitated the pickup and delivery of AmeriGas propane.

The Work

Focused on native iPad behaviors and making the process as simple (and clickable) as possible, 2120 Creative developed a streamlined application that any driver could love.

2120 Creative was tasked with

  • Simplifying the inventory process, including loading and unloading
  • Optimizing the customer fulfillment process, including order tracking and check-in, fulfillment and customer receipt
  • Improving drive time efficiency by building optimized delivery routes on the fly
  • Tracking the driver’s performance to inform management
  • Optimizing the cylinder handling and monitoring process to meet strict federal regulations while making distribution time more efficient

Find the fastest route to the next location

See and track all daily deliveries in one place

Start and end the day with the trip dashboard

Update inventory while out in the field

The Results

Results of asking an critical part of your workforce to adopt new technology?

Amerigas had quick wins. The adoption rate from their drivers, was unprecedented. The application was enthusiastically embraced by drivers because of the ease of use and because it thoroughly detailed their day vs. having to “hunt and peck” for information about their delivery assignments. Not only that, training was incredibly easy. A driver could be trained and fully equipped to use the application in a matter of weeks. The App became the single source of the driver’s day - a one stop application - from routing and rerouting, customer data, order management and fulfillment, troubleshooting, federal & state regulatory compliance, to capturing of e-signatures. It was a big victory for both the logistics team and the drivers as it connected them all in one place and in real-time. As a result, they saw a near over-night increase in customer retention and satisfaction as well as employee job satisfaction.


Both dispatch and delivery drivers experienced an immediate impact. They were now empowered with valuable real-time intelligence around the status of deliveries, client/delivery point specific data, immediate location of trucks for routing and rerouting, as well as data and analytics regarding how much propane was on a truck. It also empowered the team back at corporate with solid data that continues to help with predictive analysis and future planning.

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