Free Tools To Make a Difference

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Free tools that make a difference

Continuing on yesterday’s conversation — to find the right audience you have to first give to your community. I gave a few different examples of different industries, but I thought it would be helpful to share tools that will make it easy to give back. 

Below I will provide the following tools:

  • Communication Tools
  • Video Conferencing Tools

Note: While I’m not a fan of posts that share links to other tools, I realize through several conversations today that many people are wanting to help the community but don’t know what tools to use. 

But before I jump into the tools, I want to encourage you to think bigger and broader about your offerings and what you can do. While I know there are a lot of businesses out there that are pivoting in this crazy time, here are two that I had conversations with today. 

  • Liberty Inspection Group – They are pivoting and providing virtual home inspections and even investigating how to provide free Q&A sessions virtually. 
  • CertaPro of the Main Line – they are offering virtual consultations and also investing h

Communication Tools

These tools are great for building ongoing conversations with your audience. Many of these tools provide free options for creating your community.

  • Slack – the 2120 team uses Slack daily and allows us to talk, call, and video conference with one another and while remaining free. We’ve found it easy to create new groups, and I’ve found that many people already know how to use it.
  • Microsoft Teams – according to the Business Insider, Microsoft is offering free trials of the premium plan for its Team chat app.
  • Flock – while few people know about Flock, many people who complain about Slack often jump over to Flock

Video Conferencing Tools

These tools are great for doing live screen shares with your audience. It enables you to have small to large virtual pop-up conferences without a lot of planning. Below I’ve included several options that have recently identified as being free for the time being.  

  • Google Meet – Google will allow free access to the enterprise version of Meet to current GSuite users. This includes up to 250 users per call, live stream capabilities up to 100,000 viewers, and the ability to record until July 1, 2020.
  • LogMeIn – LogMeIn is making their “Emergency Remote Work Kits” available for free for three months for nonprofits, schools, and health care organizations (if they are not customers already)
  • Cisco Webex – Cisco is offering the free version of its Webex service with no time restrictions.
  • Zoom – Zoom already offers a free version of its videoconferencing software. 

 Please continue to send the questions and texts. Have a relaxing weekend with your family and loved ones!

Free tools that make a difference
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