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The Marketing Account Manager is the liaison between our agency and clients. Part salesperson, part customer-service rep, an account manager is all about doing whatever it takes to elevate our client’s brand and build long-standing relationships through unparalleled client-centered service. 

The Marketing Account Manager will have a true passion for applying current and emerging marketing trends to a wide range of campaigns that are in the interest of building a client’s business. 

Marketing Account Managers will routinely travel to meet with clients and may occasionally be required to travel to attend training programs, conferences or to liaise with other sales and marketing partners and professionals.

While work-life harmony is important to us, being available and having timely communication is essential for building trust with clients as well as for keeping their accounts up to date. This may require working outside of normal business hours during busy periods or when there are deadlines with quick turnaround times. In addition, Marketing Account Managers are expected to make themselves available to support business development efforts by attending events which sometimes occur outside of normal business hours.


Role and Responsibilities


The primary responsibilities of a Marketing Account Manager are to foster client relationships; work with sales and marketing teams to prepare sales presentations; design integrated marketing strategies and media proposals; handle client communications and write client reports; and communicate client agendas and deliverables to other staff members.

The Marketing Account Manager will participate in the following areas:

  • Nurture and grow great client relationships. First and foremost, the client needs to know and feel we are their partner and are fully invested in their success as if it were our own. This includes navigating both the good and bad of a partnership and communicating effectively with a client to further cultivate a positive relationship and to bring resolution to challenges should they arise.
  • Develop Strategy. Having identified questions that help understand the core of a client’s business goals first, and marketing campaign goals second, the Marketing Account Manager will liaise with clients to propose opportunities for new and creative marketing strategies to help achieve these goals.
  • Grow new business with existing client accounts by staying ahead of the client, enough, to predict what the client should be doing with their marketing effort. However, not too far ahead that it appears the Marketing Account Manager is looking for another sale rather than being a trusted advisor. The client should hear the recommendations and understand the direction the Marketing Account Manager is setting to help them grow and achieve their business objectives and thereby grow 2120’s opportunities within existing accounts.
  • Provide quotes and estimates for campaigns and projects. This requires accurate scoping of resources, dependencies, timelines and budgets. Working together with the production team to fully vet and understand the deliverable and know how to communicate effectively to the client.
  • Create and manage successful marketing campaigns. The Marketing Account Manager will create marketing plans, scope project and campaign requirements and obtain client approval before production starts. They will serve as the primary lead for all assigned campaigns and projects and will manage operational execution and successful delivery of client deliverables in conjunction with an interdisciplinary team (production coordinators, designers, developers, copywriters, etc). 
  • Conduct campaign kickoffs and debriefs. Facilitate coordinated kickoffs to fully contextualize and level-set client expectations, timelines, business objectives and prioritization around a new deliverable with the internal creative and production partners. The Marketing Account Manager will follow up with the internal team after a project is delivered to review successes, challenges, key learnings and client feedback.
  • Provide measurement. Provide clients with an accurate measurement and reporting on the success of their project or campaign. The Marketing Account Manager will  identify areas of opportunity, what is working, what needs to change, or where more effort can be focused to increase the performance of a campaign. 
  • Help to advance and develop a clear and consistent brand message and customer experience. Work collaboratively with internal partners to intentionally shape and provide a thoughtful customer experience designed to help increase net sales, encourage positive and productive client interactions, maintain and grow business with existing clientele, and further establish 2120 as a thought leader in marketing – particularly in digital marketing.
  • Maintain strong communication with clients and internal team members. Create a cadence of routine check-ins with clients. Provide timely responses to clients and internal team members that balances the need for detail with the need for succinct, concise communication so the receiver feels responded to, cared for and heard.


Other practices:

  • Remain on top of emerging marketing trends and practices, the client’s competitive landscape, and the client’s product and services, enough, to provide strategic input and direction to both clients and internal team members.
  • Ensure account profitability by managing client expectations around service delivery.
  • Demonstrate excellence in account management; specifically in risk management, contingency planning, and strategy.
  • Establish clear expectations with project leadership, providing constructive, relevant feedback.
  • Review, validate and sign off on client billing.
  • Ensure consistent approach and solution quality across accounts by participating in feedback loops with leadership and peers.

Desired Skills, Qualifications and Experience


A successful Marketing Account Manager will possess the following level of skills, qualifications and experience:

  • Bachelor’s degree in marketing/communications or related degree. 
  • Agency, freelance or consulting experience is required. 
  • Three to five years of work experience in a relevant role. 
  • Proactive self-starter who understands business in general and possesses financial management. competencies.
  • A keen observer of society and trends, specifically among clients’ target audience.
  • Possesses a strong social IQ and an awareness that it’s important to present a credible personal brand in your public image. 
  • Strong interpersonal skills—empathy, emotional intelligence, verbal skills, flexibility.
  • A confident, articulate presenter to both executive-level and general public audiences.
  • Strong troubleshooting and problem-solving skills with ability to produce great work with limited supervision.
  • Knowledge of graphic design principles, a wide variety of media, and product methods is required. Working knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite is preferred.
  • Experience working with heavily interactive web experiences is required.
  • Working knowledge of Google Suite and Microsoft Office Suite is required.
  • Knowledge of the printing process, including working with and creating artwork for digital printers and presses is preferred.
  • Knowledgeable in project lifecycle is required.
  • Ability to work on a team interactively and with the client while having personable qualities that persuade people to do what needs to be accomplished in order to achieve set goals is required. 
  • Must be willing to make yourself available to other members of the team when needed.
  • Reputation for innovative thinking is required. Entrepreneurial spirit – not only in the visual aspects of our work, but in all areas of our business. Highly creative and imaginative with an eye for the finest details. 
  • Be able to set specific goals and be knowledgeable of the steps needed to reach goals. Goals should be attainable and measurable when it comes to progress with reasonable time frames to accomplish them.
  • Ability to express ideas and information in writing and verbally, in a manner that is complete, clear, concise, organized, respectful and appropriate to the audience is required
  • Ability to listen to others and be open-minded to and evaluate suggestions from others is required.
  • Ability to multitask, and work well under tight deadlines is required, as is a sense of urgency to obtain results while maintaining a positive attitude under pressure. 
  • Willingness to continue education/training in emerging areas required.
  • BONUS: Ability to turn boring reports into an interesting project story that people can actually understand. 
  • A commitment to sharing in the collective success of 2120 Creative and it’s team members is required.

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